Centre County

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Network & Information Technology Services for State College, and Centre County
Data Network Associates, Inc. was founded in 1991 to provide comprehensive Information Technology services to local businesses through a highly qualified and dedicated staff of professionals
Developments in microcomputer technology and the general trend towards automation in the workplace have created an overwhelming need for professional technical support personnel. Businesses have been forced to consider employing a full-time computer staff in order to remain competitive in their industries
Nearly every industry conducting business in today's global market place utilizes computer technology in one form or another. Data Network Associates was conceived to provide an alternative, cost-effective solution for businesses which require professional technical expertise, but cannot afford to employ a full-time support staff
Our services have proved particularly valuable for small to medium-sized companies.DNA has grown steadily since it's emergence in 1992 and regularly surveys it's existing client base in a continual effort to expand and improve the information services it provides.